123456789 Self Assessment Tax Return Checklist SATR/KDW/AH/[ClientRef]/[Principal] Please circle the Yes or No option as applicable at each section. If you have answered Yes could you please make any comments on a separate sheet. Always provide an explanation if the income or allowance is different from that in the previous year. Please note that your income may have been received in your own or in joint names (if joint please advise us accordingly). All details should be given for income, gains and allowances from 6 April [LastYear] to 5 April [CurrentYear]. Are you an employee, director or agency worker? (If yes please provide P60’s, P45’s, P11D’s etc or other confirmation of your income, together with details of any expenses incurred in your employment, including working from home claims as a result of Covid-19). Did you receive any taxable income from share options? Did you receive any income from self employments (including partnerships) from which you have not already made us aware? Did you receive any rental income from UK land or property (including “Rent A Room” income from your own home)? Did you receive any foreign earned or unearned income? Did you receive any income from or were you the beneficiary of any trusts or estates? Did you sell any capital items which may give rise to a capital gain? (Exclude those included in your business which you will already have advised us of.) Did you receive any savings or investment income? If Yes, please provide us with your bank or building society certificates of interest, dividend vouchers etc for all income received between 6 April [LastYear] to 5 April [CurrentYear]. Please note income from ISA accounts separately (these are not taxable). Did you receive any Pensions or Social Security Benefits? If Yes please provide us with your P60 or P45 (or letter from the Benefits Agency advising of your taxable benefit received. Please also let us know if any benefits received were not taxable.) Did you pay into any Personal Pension Schemes, Retirement Annuity Contracts or AVC’s? If Yes, please provide us with the contribution certificate. Did you make any investments into an Enterprise Investment Scheme? Did you give any sums to charity under Gift Aid Rules? Children’s Tax Credit and High Income Child Benefit Charge Please advise us of the number of children for which you and/or your partner received Child Benefit (this may help us advise on your [LastYear]/[CurrentYear] claim or Child Benefit repayment). Marriage Allowance Have you elected to transfer £1250 of your personal allowance to your spouse (or from your spouse to you) or are you eligible for marriage allowance but have not made the claim? Life Insurance Gains Did you make any gains which gave rise to a chargeable event on any life insurance policy? (Please provide us with the chargeable event certificate) SEISS Grant Did you receive any SEISS Grants during the year? If yes please advise on amounts received Details of any other income or expense claims or information you feel may be helpful: